Product Review: Relvon Lip Butter Color Burst

Lip Butters
I was never really a lipstick girl.. 
but lately I’ve really been getting into the idea of a brighter pout and when I discovered Revlon Lip Butters (about $7.99) I wondered was I was thinking not diving into this sooner! These particular lip color are advertised as a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick. So it has all the moisture properties of a balm and the coloring of a lipstick. For me personally, I thought the color pay off is pretty impressive for a hybrid lip color. On more casual days I can tap on the Lip Butter and get a little bit of color on my lips and on days when I want a little more I glide it on and it gives me the most beautiful bright pink pout (depending on the color you get of course). These colors can be worn alone because it also has a great shine to it. Overall I do always prefer to put a lip balm under any lip product I wear just incase anything gets a little dry but it is definitely unnecessary to do that with the Revlon Lip Butters. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best of the best!) I would rank this product as a 8, as amazing as it is, it does require you to put it on multiple times in a day because it comes off quite quickly. Other than that I have no complaints. Have you tried a Lip Butter or a lipstick hybrid? Let me know what you think of it or share any of your favorite lip products in the comments!

Which B.B. cream is right for you

which B.B. cream is right for you
There are new several drugstore B.b.creams out on the market and i’ve personally tried these three.
Now what is a b.b. cream. Well its a blemish balm that is really popular overseas and is just now seeing its way over to us. Its generally a step up from a tinted moisturizer and a step down from actual foundation.
Out of these three the garnier offers the most coverage. Personally it was a little too thick for my taste and borderlined more on foundation than moisturizer.The consistency was much more heavy. Also they only have one for light skin or dark skin which i think makes it harder to create a natural look. Although if you have more dark spots i would recommend this brand since its targeted more for dark spots and discoloration.
Maybellines B.B. cream boasts that it does eight things in one. More than the other two brands.
Blurs imperfections
• Brightens
• Evens skin tone
• Smoothes
• Hydrates
• Enhances
• Protects with SPF 30
• 0% oils and heavy ingredients
This is by far my favorite B.B. cream. I thinks its light enough to wear during the summer and still covers any imperfections. When i tried it it gave me a natural clean look and not cakey at all.

Loreal’s B.B. cream was my second favorite but looses to Maybelline only because it doesn’t cover nearly as much as the Maybelline one. It comes in fair,light,medium, and dark, but its lightweight formula makes it easy to blend in and create a natural, luminous look. I would recommend this one if you have no blemishes and just want to create a healthy clean look.

Hopefully this review is helpful and makes your b.b. cream decision that much more easier.

The simple Cat Eye

My supplies for the perfect cat eye

Black eyeliner
$3.99 –

Winged eyeliner

Telescopic Black Mascara
Using this simple drugstore makeup you can achieve the perfect cateye eyeliner
1.make sure to apply some kind of primer so the eyeliner will stay all day ( i usually just use a foundation or nude eyeshadow)
2.I first apply the l’oreal paris super liner. It applies like an eyeliner in a marker form. Easy for the beginners who are just starting to learn how to apply eyeliner. Practicing with this liner will help you perfect your cateye.
3.I then go over the first liner with a liquid brush eyeliner, I prefer Wet n Wild’s eyeliner 881 ($3.99). Its cheap and stays on all day. Believe me ive tested all types of liquids and this one has given me the best results.
4.I then apply mascara to the top and bottom
lashes. (again preferably L’oreal telescopic mascara)
5. Now this is for the girls that have lashes that don’t naturally curl after applying mascara and need to use a curler(me). I light the rubber part of the curler with a lighter. Enough so that its warm. Not too hot not too cold. I then curl my eyelashes. The curler when warm works like a curling iron and helps my lashes curl a lot better, and also helps with volume! (please use precaution when lighting the curler, make sure to test the heat of the curler before applying to the eye.
6. You may have to touch up your eyeliner a bit at the root of your eyelashes but besides that you should be good to go!


My new obsession

My new obsession

My new obsession

I cant rave enough about this covergirl blast flipstick, Now im not a fan of covergirl. but i love this lipstick. theres two sides. one matte side and one shimmery. and while im not a fan of the shimmery side. i absolutely love the matte side. it stays on my lips allll day and i hardly have to every re-apply. Its one of the more expensive lipsticks at the drugstore but still cheaper than a mall brand.

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