MyGlam now IPSY September Bag Review

I’ve been subscribed to MyGlam (just recently Changed their name to IPSY) for about 6 months so I feel I can give an accurate review of how the bags have been for me. You get about 4 to 5 products in every months bag for $10 a month. Some of the products are full size (brushes, nail polish, lip gloss) but most are trial size of products. I think this subscription is good for someone like me who needs help getting familiarized with brand name products without spending a lot of money knowing how or if it works well. I am a very picky shopper (I round stores about 4 times before I decide that shirt is the one I want) so if I can get the chance to try out new products and decide that way if I like it or not I feel like its a good way to choose products.

I just got my september bag so I am going to review it and show you whats inside to give you a better idea of what comes inside:

  • They come in the BEST bubble wrap bag I have ever seen! This Pink Bag lights up my mailbox everytime!

Here is how everything came in the bag: a make-up bag with products in it, a full size brush, and a couple postcards explaining various things.


On one the post cards it explained whats different about IPSY now.


The first product was a LondonSOHONewYork Smudge Brush. It’s a good size and it’s pretty thick. It is also soft and stiff (not too stiff though). This brush retails for $5.97 at Walmart.


Next is the Glam Bag itself. Its a cute black bag with a gold zipper and a wrist strap. Super cute to use as a wristlet for going out.


Inside were four products. The first one was this Jane sparkle gloss. It’s a really bright pink color. It is 0.2 fl. oz. and that is the same size as the ones the sell on their website so this is a full size product. They sell them 3 for $9.99 on the website also so I would say this product is about $3/$4. I really enjoy the color and cant wait to use it.


Next is the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer. I have a lot of hair so anytime I get a smaller sample I’m a little bummed because chances are I will only get 1 or 2 uses out of it. On the IPSY website its says “A repairing lotion that instantly binds the frayed and separated ends of your hair so you can skip the trim and keep your length.” and that you only needs a pea sized amount to your split ends.

Next is a nail polish. It is Circus By Andrea’s Choice and it is in the color Tightrope. This is a full sized product and is a beautiful color! The finish is matt and the color is a deep almost purple pink color. I have other colors from Andrea’s Choice from my other glam bags and I love them all. They are all true to the color you see and the packaging is adorable!


Last product is a Mirabella Eye Colour shade in the color Semi-Formal. Each one of these colors retail on the website for $10 each. It really is a beautiful bronze color that I can’t wait to use! Although it is beautiful, it might be a little inconvient to give people a single pot not knowing if they have a palette to put it in or not because if you just leave it out it WILL break.


Lastly They gave a gift certificate for $20 off an item at which is really awesome because you can get an item for about $19.99! They have tons of cute boots right now too.


Over all I think this month’s GlamBag was worth the $10 subscription fee. The products definitely totaled over the amount I paid which is a win-win for me! If your looking into a starting a subscription website I think IPSY is a good place to start. What is your favorite monthly subscription website? I hope you enjoyed my review and leave comments with your thoughts! 🙂




Product Review: Relvon Lip Butter Color Burst

Lip Butters
I was never really a lipstick girl.. 
but lately I’ve really been getting into the idea of a brighter pout and when I discovered Revlon Lip Butters (about $7.99) I wondered was I was thinking not diving into this sooner! These particular lip color are advertised as a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick. So it has all the moisture properties of a balm and the coloring of a lipstick. For me personally, I thought the color pay off is pretty impressive for a hybrid lip color. On more casual days I can tap on the Lip Butter and get a little bit of color on my lips and on days when I want a little more I glide it on and it gives me the most beautiful bright pink pout (depending on the color you get of course). These colors can be worn alone because it also has a great shine to it. Overall I do always prefer to put a lip balm under any lip product I wear just incase anything gets a little dry but it is definitely unnecessary to do that with the Revlon Lip Butters. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best of the best!) I would rank this product as a 8, as amazing as it is, it does require you to put it on multiple times in a day because it comes off quite quickly. Other than that I have no complaints. Have you tried a Lip Butter or a lipstick hybrid? Let me know what you think of it or share any of your favorite lip products in the comments!