Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Here are three outfits I put together for different Valentine’s Day events. You don’t have to be spending time with a lover to have a day filled with love and you don’t have to be overdressed to show your festive. Have a great Valentine’s Day! XOXO

Ps. Don’t mind my awkwardness in the video it was my first time and i promise to get better with practice 🙂



girl's night

Hurley shirt

Forever 21

ALDO wedge boots

Forever 21
IMG_0866IMG_0871casual valentines

H m
$23 –

Minnetonka fringe boots
$90 –

Forever 21 necklace
pink2 2 copypink3 2 copypink polka dots


Forever 21 necklace

Trend Train: Peplum

One of the recent trends introduced to us this spring/summer…

was of course the beautiful peplum trend! I absolutely have been LOVING this trend. It so easily gives you that hourglass shape everyone is after from the more voluptuous women (Kim Kardashian was recently spotted in the outfit in the middle) to the more straight framed women (like myself). It is an easy way to look more elegant and refined. If you have yet to try the peplum trend I encourage you to take a step to at least try one on! Below I pulled my favorite peplum skirts, shirt and dresses; I hope they inspire you to get into that dressing room and into a classy peplum. Happy shopping 🙂

Pretty classy peplums

Bardot body con dress, $105 / Miss Selfridge peplum dress / Peplum shirt / Dorothy Perkins floral top / Sleeveless blouse, $37 / Paprika peplum skirt, $34 / Helmut Lang black pants / Pencil skirt, $54

3 Ways to Wear: Denim jacket in the summer

When your outfit needs a little something extra.. 

and without feeling overly done, a denim vest or jacket is the perfect solution! It is just so easy and definitely a perfect wardrobe staple. Here’s 3 options I thought would be great ways and good inspiration for you to dust off your jean vest and give it another go this summer!

  • With a Maxi Dress: So you wore your maxi dress to the beach (or anywhere else for that matter) and are ready to go get dinner. Throw a denim jacket over it and you can have  good meal without the cool shore weather bothering you.
Jean Vest and a Maxi

  • With a floral dress: I think a cute demin vest is perfect over a patterned dress. With some visually beautiful wedges, any girl is ready for a nice summer date.
Jean vest and foral dress

  • With lace shorts: This look is girly and dainty and everything that I am and love! It is so soft and sweet without looking like it took you forever to come up with it.
Jean Vest and Lace Shorts

HOW DO YOU STYLE YOUR DEMIN JACKETS? Leave comments below letting us know and what you think about these looks! We would love your feedback and LOVE to see your outfit too so link some in:) Happy Shopping!

DIY: Studded shirt

I have been LOVING… 

The new studded shirt trend! It’s such a easy way to dress up a blouse; a little on the collar goes a long way! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Keep reading for this super simple “homemade” studded shirt.

  • TAKE A COLLARED SHIRT. Easiest step because everyone has one in their wardrobe! I got this one below from forever 21 for 15$. I like it also because its thin fabric which will make it easier to punch the studs in.

  • PICK EMBELLISHMENTS I was very surprised and disappointed that I didn’t find more shirt embellishments at both joann’s and michael’s, but i worked with what I got and I grabbed this leather bracelet kit and took the studs off to use.

  • OPEN SHIRT & PICK YOUR LAYOUT Completely unbutton the shirt and lay it down on your workspace tag side up. Choose how you want the studs to sit and where you want to place them. Do you want to cluster them? Or do you want to line them up? Pick however you want it to look and position them on the shirt so you can get some kind of idea on how it will look

  • START PUNCHING STUDS THROUGH SHIRT This part was actually a lot easier than what i thought and like i said earlier it probably helped that it was a thinner fabric. Try to punch them in as straight as possible by poking in both prongs at the same time. A couple of mine were a little off but I don’t mind.

  • CLOSE THE PRONGS I used the leather bracelet my kit came with to close the prongs so they did not hurt my finger. Make sure you close them as much as possible and as far as they go so the studs won’t slip off. Also I close each one as I went because if you leave them open and close them all at the the end they will slip out of place.

  • CONTUNIE PROCESS TIL DONE Basically you just keep doing them same 2 steps above until your collar is finished and them switch sides and do the same thing to the other side.

  • LOOK AT FINISHED PRODUCT Changing it is pretty easy so if in the end you didn’t like your stud layout you can always change it.

  • MODEL IT I was so proud of my DIY I decide to model it a little and I suggest you do the same  (even if your husband thinks your silly too) Well there you go! A very easy DIY. I Hope you liked this post and if you would like to see more or something else comment below and let me know! Enjoy my pics! Happy Shopping and Happy Crafting 🙂


More than just a jean short…

We all love a great pair of jean shorts.. 

But when great new trends come along we cannot help but to add a couple pairs to our woredrobe! There are three new short trends that I am loving this summer:

  • Lace Shorts- This is for the girly girl and to me one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit this summer! The beautiful detail can go from day to night and not all of them look lets says, less than classy 😉 Here is a couple cute pairs I thought could be used for day or night! And i believe all three come in a couple more colors.
  •  Pattern Shorts- Floral is really big this season so of course this made the list! I love that pattern shorts can come in such an array of styles! You can have bold, sweet, chic, bohemian, and even beachy all with just an amazing new pair of shorts. Here are some great options I found (at a good price). I tried to do more of a range of style, so no pair is alike at all to another.
  • Pastel/ Neon Shorts- To me neon kind of always is a summer color that people automatically go to once the weather gets hot but also this season pastel is really big, and while I like neon, I ADORE pastels! Colored shorts don’t have to be crazy or childish, they are a great way to change up a basic jean short. You can be outgoing and wear a brightly colored shirt to colorblock these babies or you can go the casual way and wear your favorite white tee for just a day out running errands.

What is your favorite shorts trend? Leave a comment below and leave a link to your favorite pair of shorts also! Happy Shopping! 

Outfit Of The Day: Gina’s Pleated Dress

Dress: Forever21 (similar style here)

Shoes: Zara (here)

Bag and Cuff: TJMAXX

Gina’s look was so cute and so on trend right now, it had to be be shared! I love her color blocked strappy heels from Zara! She put a black top under the dress as not to show too much and she swept all her curls over to one side.  She is also the mother of a toddler proving it takes little to look great!


If you have an outfit you would like to share on the blog email us pictures of your outfit and the places you bought it! 🙂

What to wear: Sheer blouses

A Good friend once asked me..

“Hey Rita, I really want to buy a sheer blouse but I have no idea how to style it? How would you where it?” Well of course my mind went WILD with ideas because 1: I LOVE sheer blouses and 2: There is really an infinite way to wear them. So i put on my thinking cap and came up with some ideas for her on how to wear them. So here is what I came up with.


For this look you can really do anything your little heart desires. One I chose to go with a cute colored lace bandeau and flow over jean shorts. The other I thought would be cute over a white bandeau tucked into a cute skirt like this tangerine one (which is the color of the season).

Sheer Shirt Styled


This outfit is so simple and yet so fun and definitely something I’ve worn before! I would describe this as all black everything with a pop of color. Black bandeau under the blouse, your cutest black skinny jeans, and an awesome cocktail ring! Take your favorite colored heels and you have an effortless look.

Sheer Polkadot with a pop of color


This outfit is by far my favorite! This time under the sheer shirt i decided to go with a nude bra because i really want the shirt to stand out on it’s own without any background interference. It’s a classic look because of the high waisted skirt and button down but also trendy with the collar and peplum accents.

Peter Pan and Peplum

PS. If you are nervous or not ready to bare all yet any of the bandeaus can be exchanged with a cute cami!! Which outfit was your favorite? Would you wear any of these? How do you style your sheer shirt? I would love to know! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Shopping 🙂 -Rita

Summer Wedding: What Amanda Wore

love was in the air
dress (forever 21)
Heels (target)
Belt (forever 21)
Rose ring (forever 21)
Chain bangles (Ventura blvd boutique)

So first and foremost let me just say it was a beautiful wedding. Now on to the fashion. When I pick out dresses my main issue is trying to elongate my short frame and at the same time compliment size. The empire waist and above the knee length,i think,worked out successfully. I choose the color since I found out the wedding was gonna be at a barn and I figured I could go for a more rustic feel. Plus I like to choose colors that will accentuate my already dark complexion. That and some simple Mary Jane heels to complete the outfit.

Summer Wedding: What Rita Wore

Such a beautiful day for a wedding..

Coral bubble dress (forever 21)

Necklace (forever 21)

Nude Wedges (Charlotte Russe)

Gold Clutch (MyGlam)

I have a very thin frame so I like to add width to the bottom half on my silhouette by wearing a dress with a little more volume. Also to keep it wedding-appropriate I thought having a dress that wasn’t so form-fitting was a better option for me. Since it was an outdoor ceremony I decided to wear nude wedges so I wouldn’t sink into the grass and I would be comfortable for a night full of dancing! I went with gold accessories and a gold bag (which actually was a makeup bag but I decided to sport it as a clutch). Last thing I painted my nails mint green with a leopard print (sally hansen) ring finger. I felt soft and feminine, exactly the look I was going for!

xoxo, Rita