Royalty -Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino! Just released his mixtape “Royalty” on the fourth of July and I’ve been listening to it ever sense. I was also fortunate enough to see him live this year at Coachella and it is safe to say he has an established fan base, but who wouldnt being a writer for 30 Rock, actor, and comedian. Now rapping and doing it well enough to pull featured artist like Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, RZA and Ghostface Killah to name a few.

Check him out….


Frank Ocean at the Wiltern

So last night Amanda and I had the chance to check out frank ocean at the beautiful historic Wiltern in Los Angeles. As many of you already know Frank Ocean just released his first store album Channel Orange yesterday which was also released on iTunes a week before.
This was our second time seeing mr. Ocean live and he did not disappoint. As many artist do at small Los Angeles venues during album releases, he focused on performing songs off his newest album. Earl from odd future made an appearance during his featured track “rich kids”. Ocean performed Amanda’s and I favorite almost 10 minutes long track “pyramids” and delivered it beautifully. He then came out with a encore playing Beyonce’s “i miss you” off her “4” album with no band, just him and the piano.

If your a Frank Ocean fan I highly recommend you make the effort to catch him live because he is amazing!

Let me see yo GRILLZ…

Want to be the life of the party? The iphone app that never fails!! I have yet to pull this app out on people and not get a laugh.. The app is just a picture of a mouth that moves to the sound of your voice! It’s hilarious!! Check it out for yourself!

everyone love$ WAKA

So Mildred and i had the pleasure of seeing Waka Flocka Flame at Jimmy Kimmels outdoor concert series yesterday, and lets just say it was a crazy good time. If you live in the southern California area Jimmy Kimmels outdoor concerts are a great way to spend your day. They are free and sometimes you get to catch artists that you really love. In this case we got to see Waka and he DID NOT disappoint. Now we got there at around 5:30 to wait in line and didnt enter till around 6:45. We then had to wait for Jimmy to go through all his guests before the musical guest ( slightly boring since there were no tv screens for us to watch the show while we waited)

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket He performed about 5 songs and went far beyond other artists by actually interacting with the crowd by joining his fans in the pit. All songs were performed with high energy and he even gave autographs/took pictures with fans during and after the show. All in all i give Waka an A+, besides me almost getting swallowed whole by the mosh pit, i had a great time.I highly recommend you catch an outdoor concert before the summer ends.

Watch Waka from mine and Mildreds point of view…..

…..and in tv land

Schoolboy Q baby…

West coast fans where you at? Schoolboy Q, another one of my favorite rappers out right now. His single “hands on the wheel” off his mix tape “Habbits & Contradictions” featuring the one and only ASAP ROCKY is now making its way to the radio. This west coast rapper has already done collaborations with some of the top artist out their right now. He has worked with ASAP, Kendrick, AB Soul, Jay Rock and Tyga! His recent independent album hit #100 in the US Billboards top 200 last year 2011 while his present album hit #111 this year in the same category. If you havent heard him yet IM SHOCKED! So what are you waiting for? Check him out and keep a look out..



Joey Bada$$ !!! This new young artist just released his mistakes June 2012 and let me tell you, his east coast smooth flows have won me over. He brings that old school hip hop that makes you think we were back in Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Talib, Pharcyde, young Nas and Common times… Tough MC’s to follow but he managed. This mix tape is hip hop and i predict Joey Bada$$ time is about to come. Tough statement to make with all the mainstream rap out that took over but this is different, this is what hip hop needed and those old school hip hop souls can appreciate flows like these. Now add the help of MF Doom, it’s no wonder why 1999 is a success.. But what do you think? You think Joey Bada$$ is about to make it?

Night at the Roxy…

from street to sheek

Looking for a edgier look? This simple and affordable look is perfect for a night out at your favorite Hollywood Venue. Whether it’s the Roxy, House of Blues or the Troubadour this simple yet edgy look is perfect for you music goers like me that want to look hot yet without trying so hard. Simple but elegant. Let your clutch and heels steal the show! Wait, you think its lame to wear heels to a music venue? No prob! Throw on some simple Chuck Taylors or red, black and white Jordan Retro 1’s (Set to release June 2012). Who said girls can’t rock some Jays? Ladies rock this outfit all day with your Jays then throw on your heels at night… It’s all about creativity and this simple outfit will have your street to sheik with a simple shoe change!

Is it summer yet??


Kanye West is about to do it again! Set to be released this summer 2012 Kanye West is about to drop “Cruel Summer” an album and short film off songs composed with fellow rappers of his label “GOOD MUSIC.” Pusha T, Kudi, Big Sean, 2Chainz, and Cyhi to name a few, all featured on the album. Kanye West has yet to make an album that everyone doesn’t go crazy for now add all these other amazing hip hop artist… WOW!! Mercy (which I know you’ve heard) was its first single released back in April and look how well that did! Now what more do we expect? This guy is a genius!

“GOOD MUSIC” is a movement..