Hair Care Products and Routine

Everybody has there own special potion… 

To make their hair more manageable, shine from here to there, and to maximize volume. Here is what I happen to be loving (and using) right now…

Hair Products

  1. Shampoo and Condition with color safe shampoo. I really do love this Pantene Color Preserve, the conditioner leaves my hair very manageable and it comes at a great price!
  2. Heat Protector. ALWAYS use any kind of heat product if you are going to blow-dry, curl, or straighten! It a must. I Like this Got2B Guardian Angel one because its a spray so I feel like it doesn’t weigh my hair down and it has a gloss finish.
  3. Frizz Cream. I use it if i decide I don’t want to take heat to my hair and let it dry naturally without looking like lion in a couple hours or if i want a smoother style like soft looking curls or straight hair. This LivingProof one is great, I only need a small amount for my long locks!
  4. Volume Spray. Every girl wants big hair these days and not only the ones who live in texas! 😉 I spray a lifting spray like the Redken one right at the roots on the crown of my head.
  5. Finishing Spray. Always finish with a great flexable hold hairspray that holds your style all day long like thes Loreal Elnett one.
  6. Deep Conditioner. I didn’t put a picture but I also like to mention I use a deep conditioner once a week(no more than 2/3 times though!) to keep my hair strong. And I switch up the brands I use often.
What is your hair care routine? What are your favorite products to use? Leave a comment and your thoughts on the post!