DIY: Studded shirt

I have been LOVING… 

The new studded shirt trend! It’s such a easy way to dress up a blouse; a little on the collar goes a long way! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Keep reading for this super simple “homemade” studded shirt.

  • TAKE A COLLARED SHIRT. Easiest step because everyone has one in their wardrobe! I got this one below from forever 21 for 15$. I like it also because its thin fabric which will make it easier to punch the studs in.

  • PICK EMBELLISHMENTS I was very surprised and disappointed that I didn’t find more shirt embellishments at both joann’s and michael’s, but i worked with what I got and I grabbed this leather bracelet kit and took the studs off to use.

  • OPEN SHIRT & PICK YOUR LAYOUT Completely unbutton the shirt and lay it down on your workspace tag side up. Choose how you want the studs to sit and where you want to place them. Do you want to cluster them? Or do you want to line them up? Pick however you want it to look and position them on the shirt so you can get some kind of idea on how it will look

  • START PUNCHING STUDS THROUGH SHIRT This part was actually a lot easier than what i thought and like i said earlier it probably helped that it was a thinner fabric. Try to punch them in as straight as possible by poking in both prongs at the same time. A couple of mine were a little off but I don’t mind.

  • CLOSE THE PRONGS I used the leather bracelet my kit came with to close the prongs so they did not hurt my finger. Make sure you close them as much as possible and as far as they go so the studs won’t slip off. Also I close each one as I went because if you leave them open and close them all at the the end they will slip out of place.

  • CONTUNIE PROCESS TIL DONE Basically you just keep doing them same 2 steps above until your collar is finished and them switch sides and do the same thing to the other side.

  • LOOK AT FINISHED PRODUCT Changing it is pretty easy so if in the end you didn’t like your stud layout you can always change it.

  • MODEL IT I was so proud of my DIY I decide to model it a little and I suggest you do the same  (even if your husband thinks your silly too) Well there you go! A very easy DIY. I Hope you liked this post and if you would like to see more or something else comment below and let me know! Enjoy my pics! Happy Shopping and Happy Crafting 🙂