Beautiful Blazers (High and Low)

Blazers are a staple piece that will never go out of style.. 

They are the perfect piece to add a little polish to a look. They add just that little extra pizazz to a casual outfit. Blazers are a MUST in a wardrobe, but who says you have to have just basic black, white, and boyfriend? I found some amazing more special looking blazers that would be great to have in any wardrobe! I tried to do a high-end and a low-end version of each. Here are blazers I would die to have:


leather trim blazers
(low) Tux jacket / (high) Elizabeth and James fitted blazer
floral blazer high and low end

(low) Lauren Conrad tux jacket /(high) Cotton blazer
Open white blazers high and low end
Dark red blazers high and low end

(high) Bastyan knit blazer,  /(low) Red blazer
sequin blazers high and low
(high) Zadig & Voltaire sequin blazer /(low) H&M sequin jacket
spiked shoulder blazers high and low end
tuxedo blazer high end and low end

(high) Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket /(low) Forever 21 blazer
Teal blazers high and low end

(high) Elizabeth and James blazer / (low) H&M straight jacket,

Which blazer would you most love to have? What blazers you you crushing on right now? leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts!


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