More than just a jean short…

We all love a great pair of jean shorts.. 

But when great new trends come along we cannot help but to add a couple pairs to our woredrobe! There are three new short trends that I am loving this summer:

  • Lace Shorts- This is for the girly girl and to me one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit this summer! The beautiful detail can go from day to night and not all of them look lets says, less than classy 😉 Here is a couple cute pairs I thought could be used for day or night! And i believe all three come in a couple more colors.
  •  Pattern Shorts- Floral is really big this season so of course this made the list! I love that pattern shorts can come in such an array of styles! You can have bold, sweet, chic, bohemian, and even beachy all with just an amazing new pair of shorts. Here are some great options I found (at a good price). I tried to do more of a range of style, so no pair is alike at all to another.
  • Pastel/ Neon Shorts- To me neon kind of always is a summer color that people automatically go to once the weather gets hot but also this season pastel is really big, and while I like neon, I ADORE pastels! Colored shorts don’t have to be crazy or childish, they are a great way to change up a basic jean short. You can be outgoing and wear a brightly colored shirt to colorblock these babies or you can go the casual way and wear your favorite white tee for just a day out running errands.

What is your favorite shorts trend? Leave a comment below and leave a link to your favorite pair of shorts also! Happy Shopping! 

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