Trend Train: Peplum

One of the recent trends introduced to us this spring/summer…

was of course the beautiful peplum trend! I absolutely have been LOVING this trend. It so easily gives you that hourglass shape everyone is after from the more voluptuous women (Kim Kardashian was recently spotted in the outfit in the middle) to the more straight framed women (like myself). It is an easy way to look more elegant and refined. If you have yet to try the peplum trend I encourage you to take a step to at least try one on! Below I pulled my favorite peplum skirts, shirt and dresses; I hope they inspire you to get into that dressing room and into a classy peplum. Happy shopping 🙂

Pretty classy peplums

Bardot body con dress, $105 / Miss Selfridge peplum dress / Peplum shirt / Dorothy Perkins floral top / Sleeveless blouse, $37 / Paprika peplum skirt, $34 / Helmut Lang black pants / Pencil skirt, $54

3 Ways to Wear: Denim jacket in the summer

When your outfit needs a little something extra.. 

and without feeling overly done, a denim vest or jacket is the perfect solution! It is just so easy and definitely a perfect wardrobe staple. Here’s 3 options I thought would be great ways and good inspiration for you to dust off your jean vest and give it another go this summer!

  • With a Maxi Dress: So you wore your maxi dress to the beach (or anywhere else for that matter) and are ready to go get dinner. Throw a denim jacket over it and you can have  good meal without the cool shore weather bothering you.
Jean Vest and a Maxi

  • With a floral dress: I think a cute demin vest is perfect over a patterned dress. With some visually beautiful wedges, any girl is ready for a nice summer date.
Jean vest and foral dress

  • With lace shorts: This look is girly and dainty and everything that I am and love! It is so soft and sweet without looking like it took you forever to come up with it.
Jean Vest and Lace Shorts

HOW DO YOU STYLE YOUR DEMIN JACKETS? Leave comments below letting us know and what you think about these looks! We would love your feedback and LOVE to see your outfit too so link some in:) Happy Shopping!

Royalty -Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino! Just released his mixtape “Royalty” on the fourth of July and I’ve been listening to it ever sense. I was also fortunate enough to see him live this year at Coachella and it is safe to say he has an established fan base, but who wouldnt being a writer for 30 Rock, actor, and comedian. Now rapping and doing it well enough to pull featured artist like Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, RZA and Ghostface Killah to name a few.

Check him out….

Frank Ocean at the Wiltern

So last night Amanda and I had the chance to check out frank ocean at the beautiful historic Wiltern in Los Angeles. As many of you already know Frank Ocean just released his first store album Channel Orange yesterday which was also released on iTunes a week before.
This was our second time seeing mr. Ocean live and he did not disappoint. As many artist do at small Los Angeles venues during album releases, he focused on performing songs off his newest album. Earl from odd future made an appearance during his featured track “rich kids”. Ocean performed Amanda’s and I favorite almost 10 minutes long track “pyramids” and delivered it beautifully. He then came out with a encore playing Beyonce’s “i miss you” off her “4” album with no band, just him and the piano.

If your a Frank Ocean fan I highly recommend you make the effort to catch him live because he is amazing!

50 shades of fashion: The Plum Dress

I am Completely OBSESSED… 

With the 5o Shades of Grey Trilogy right now and I just got done reading the first book which was amazing! I highly recommend it. As I got lost in the book I became to visualize what Anastasia’s(main character and voice of the book) very popular “plum dress” would look like. I have so many ideas of how it would, I thought it would be fun for the other readers of the Trilogy to see my 3 interpretations of the dress. So please enjoy 🙂

  • Ana is a strong headed individual but she’s also very innocent and barely coming into her own and being able to be comfortable in her own skin so while the dress (which in the book she borrows from her roommate) is a more confident one the accessories are minimal and sweet.
50 shades: plum dress 2

Alice + Olivia long dress / Dorothy Perkins nude pumps / Chloé leather handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs earrings
  • This dress is also has the same essence as the first. It’s a little bit more covered up and has a great cross-back detailing. Again the accessories are minimal because to me she’s not too flashy of a girl, she is definitely more of a get up and go person.
50 shades: Plum dress 3

Alice + Olivia alice olivia dress, $280 / Strappy heels / Dorothy Perkins bow clutch / LFrank rose earrings / Sydney Evan polka dot jewelry, $1,080
  • For my third interpretation, I went with how I thought the gorgeous Christian Grey would of felt she looked the first time he sees her in the dress. He is helplessly attracted to her so I can only imagine how breathtaking he thought she looked so i deemed it appropriate to put a show stopper in here.
50 shades: Plum dress

Matthew Williamson sequin dress / Zara shoes / ASOS envelope clutch / Cezanne stud earrings
How did you imagine her dress looked? Please link any pictures below along with any comments you have! Happy Reading! 

DIY: Studded shirt

I have been LOVING… 

The new studded shirt trend! It’s such a easy way to dress up a blouse; a little on the collar goes a long way! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Keep reading for this super simple “homemade” studded shirt.

  • TAKE A COLLARED SHIRT. Easiest step because everyone has one in their wardrobe! I got this one below from forever 21 for 15$. I like it also because its thin fabric which will make it easier to punch the studs in.

  • PICK EMBELLISHMENTS I was very surprised and disappointed that I didn’t find more shirt embellishments at both joann’s and michael’s, but i worked with what I got and I grabbed this leather bracelet kit and took the studs off to use.

  • OPEN SHIRT & PICK YOUR LAYOUT Completely unbutton the shirt and lay it down on your workspace tag side up. Choose how you want the studs to sit and where you want to place them. Do you want to cluster them? Or do you want to line them up? Pick however you want it to look and position them on the shirt so you can get some kind of idea on how it will look

  • START PUNCHING STUDS THROUGH SHIRT This part was actually a lot easier than what i thought and like i said earlier it probably helped that it was a thinner fabric. Try to punch them in as straight as possible by poking in both prongs at the same time. A couple of mine were a little off but I don’t mind.

  • CLOSE THE PRONGS I used the leather bracelet my kit came with to close the prongs so they did not hurt my finger. Make sure you close them as much as possible and as far as they go so the studs won’t slip off. Also I close each one as I went because if you leave them open and close them all at the the end they will slip out of place.

  • CONTUNIE PROCESS TIL DONE Basically you just keep doing them same 2 steps above until your collar is finished and them switch sides and do the same thing to the other side.

  • LOOK AT FINISHED PRODUCT Changing it is pretty easy so if in the end you didn’t like your stud layout you can always change it.

  • MODEL IT I was so proud of my DIY I decide to model it a little and I suggest you do the same  (even if your husband thinks your silly too) Well there you go! A very easy DIY. I Hope you liked this post and if you would like to see more or something else comment below and let me know! Enjoy my pics! Happy Shopping and Happy Crafting 🙂


More than just a jean short…

We all love a great pair of jean shorts.. 

But when great new trends come along we cannot help but to add a couple pairs to our woredrobe! There are three new short trends that I am loving this summer:

  • Lace Shorts- This is for the girly girl and to me one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit this summer! The beautiful detail can go from day to night and not all of them look lets says, less than classy 😉 Here is a couple cute pairs I thought could be used for day or night! And i believe all three come in a couple more colors.
  •  Pattern Shorts- Floral is really big this season so of course this made the list! I love that pattern shorts can come in such an array of styles! You can have bold, sweet, chic, bohemian, and even beachy all with just an amazing new pair of shorts. Here are some great options I found (at a good price). I tried to do more of a range of style, so no pair is alike at all to another.
  • Pastel/ Neon Shorts- To me neon kind of always is a summer color that people automatically go to once the weather gets hot but also this season pastel is really big, and while I like neon, I ADORE pastels! Colored shorts don’t have to be crazy or childish, they are a great way to change up a basic jean short. You can be outgoing and wear a brightly colored shirt to colorblock these babies or you can go the casual way and wear your favorite white tee for just a day out running errands.

What is your favorite shorts trend? Leave a comment below and leave a link to your favorite pair of shorts also! Happy Shopping! 

Which B.B. cream is right for you

which B.B. cream is right for you
There are new several drugstore B.b.creams out on the market and i’ve personally tried these three.
Now what is a b.b. cream. Well its a blemish balm that is really popular overseas and is just now seeing its way over to us. Its generally a step up from a tinted moisturizer and a step down from actual foundation.
Out of these three the garnier offers the most coverage. Personally it was a little too thick for my taste and borderlined more on foundation than moisturizer.The consistency was much more heavy. Also they only have one for light skin or dark skin which i think makes it harder to create a natural look. Although if you have more dark spots i would recommend this brand since its targeted more for dark spots and discoloration.
Maybellines B.B. cream boasts that it does eight things in one. More than the other two brands.
Blurs imperfections
• Brightens
• Evens skin tone
• Smoothes
• Hydrates
• Enhances
• Protects with SPF 30
• 0% oils and heavy ingredients
This is by far my favorite B.B. cream. I thinks its light enough to wear during the summer and still covers any imperfections. When i tried it it gave me a natural clean look and not cakey at all.

Loreal’s B.B. cream was my second favorite but looses to Maybelline only because it doesn’t cover nearly as much as the Maybelline one. It comes in fair,light,medium, and dark, but its lightweight formula makes it easy to blend in and create a natural, luminous look. I would recommend this one if you have no blemishes and just want to create a healthy clean look.

Hopefully this review is helpful and makes your b.b. cream decision that much more easier.

4th of July Accessories

4th of July.. 

Such an amazing time of year to spend with family, having BBQs, swimming, and whatever else your family loves to do! I definitely do not think its a time to get dressed up but a time to be more comfortable and show your pride in america! So here’s a list of essential 4th of July accessories to really jazz up a more casual outfit.

  • Light scarf just incase it gets chilly.
  • Awesome festive shades
  • A cute hat to keep your head from burning
  • Comfortable shoes (TOMS are amazing and charitable)
  • A Little star necklace as to not go TOO over board on the stars and stripes!

4th of july accesories

TOMS red shoes / Club Manhattan antique jewelry, $25 / Forever 21 fedora hat / Sheer scarve / Sunglasses
What are your plans for the holiday? Hope you have a safe and great day tomorrow! Happy Trails. 🙂