That Must Have Night Time mix….

What better way to bring in the summer than with a great mix! Introducing DJ D-Real’s “The Summer Blend Tape” who finally gets us away from all that techno/house music that everyone seems to be mixing these day.. If you enjoy hip hop then this is the perfect mix for you and your summer function.

D-Real Summer Blend Tape

Starting it off with Kanye and A$AP.. DJ D-Real hits us with those 2012 bangers! The beginning is dope because of the song choice and his blends only get better in the middle but who even cares about all that after he smooth’s it out with some Joey Badass (who I preciously blogged about), Common and many more….. Then letting the mix chill D-Real blends in those smooth songs you kick back and spark a blunt too.. Once you’re feeling good he picks it up with Dre, Wiz and even mixes Will Smith “Summertime” (which couldn’t have been brought back at a better time). LADIES!!!! LL COOL J?? Yeah he’s “doin it, doin it, doin it well”. Picking up the beats he hits us with those club bangers from Tyga, 50 Cent, Biggie, Too Short, and Drake to name a few. Hold up, did DJ D-Real mix in my absolute favorite 112??!! HE SURE DID! Slick Rick, DJ Quick, Montell Jordan, and ends it with “The Recipe” by Kendrick ft. Dre (which was such a great way to end the mix).

If those few names I dropped weren’t enough to get you to check out this mix (not to mention there are so many more!!) then go slap yourself! The way he starts strong, mellows it out, gets you dancing, and manages to keeps your head nodding the entire time is pretty sick and perfect for that late night summer function.. Let it play, get bent and enjoy some real music..

But that’s just my opinion. What did you think about “The Summer Blend Tape”??


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