Let me see yo GRILLZ…

Want to be the life of the party? The iphone app that never fails!! I have yet to pull this app out on people and not get a laugh.. The app is just a picture of a mouth that moves to the sound of your voice! It’s hilarious!! Check it out for yourself!


Outfit Of The Day: Gina’s Pleated Dress

Dress: Forever21 (similar style here)

Shoes: Zara (here)

Bag and Cuff: TJMAXX

Gina’s look was so cute and so on trend right now, it had to be be shared! I love her color blocked strappy heels from Zara! She put a black top under the dress as not to show too much and she swept all her curls over to one side.  She is also the mother of a toddler proving it takes little to look great!


If you have an outfit you would like to share on the blog email us pictures of your outfit and the places you bought it! 🙂

Hair Care Products and Routine

Everybody has there own special potion… 

To make their hair more manageable, shine from here to there, and to maximize volume. Here is what I happen to be loving (and using) right now…

Hair Products

  1. Shampoo and Condition with color safe shampoo. I really do love this Pantene Color Preserve, the conditioner leaves my hair very manageable and it comes at a great price!
  2. Heat Protector. ALWAYS use any kind of heat product if you are going to blow-dry, curl, or straighten! It a must. I Like this Got2B Guardian Angel one because its a spray so I feel like it doesn’t weigh my hair down and it has a gloss finish.
  3. Frizz Cream. I use it if i decide I don’t want to take heat to my hair and let it dry naturally without looking like lion in a couple hours or if i want a smoother style like soft looking curls or straight hair. This LivingProof one is great, I only need a small amount for my long locks!
  4. Volume Spray. Every girl wants big hair these days and not only the ones who live in texas! 😉 I spray a lifting spray like the Redken one right at the roots on the crown of my head.
  5. Finishing Spray. Always finish with a great flexable hold hairspray that holds your style all day long like thes Loreal Elnett one.
  6. Deep Conditioner. I didn’t put a picture but I also like to mention I use a deep conditioner once a week(no more than 2/3 times though!) to keep my hair strong. And I switch up the brands I use often.
What is your hair care routine? What are your favorite products to use? Leave a comment and your thoughts on the post!

What to wear: Sheer blouses

A Good friend once asked me..

“Hey Rita, I really want to buy a sheer blouse but I have no idea how to style it? How would you where it?” Well of course my mind went WILD with ideas because 1: I LOVE sheer blouses and 2: There is really an infinite way to wear them. So i put on my thinking cap and came up with some ideas for her on how to wear them. So here is what I came up with.


For this look you can really do anything your little heart desires. One I chose to go with a cute colored lace bandeau and flow over jean shorts. The other I thought would be cute over a white bandeau tucked into a cute skirt like this tangerine one (which is the color of the season).

Sheer Shirt Styled


This outfit is so simple and yet so fun and definitely something I’ve worn before! I would describe this as all black everything with a pop of color. Black bandeau under the blouse, your cutest black skinny jeans, and an awesome cocktail ring! Take your favorite colored heels and you have an effortless look.

Sheer Polkadot with a pop of color


This outfit is by far my favorite! This time under the sheer shirt i decided to go with a nude bra because i really want the shirt to stand out on it’s own without any background interference. It’s a classic look because of the high waisted skirt and button down but also trendy with the collar and peplum accents.

Peter Pan and Peplum

PS. If you are nervous or not ready to bare all yet any of the bandeaus can be exchanged with a cute cami!! Which outfit was your favorite? Would you wear any of these? How do you style your sheer shirt? I would love to know! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Shopping 🙂 -Rita

everyone love$ WAKA

So Mildred and i had the pleasure of seeing Waka Flocka Flame at Jimmy Kimmels outdoor concert series yesterday, and lets just say it was a crazy good time. If you live in the southern California area Jimmy Kimmels outdoor concerts are a great way to spend your day. They are free and sometimes you get to catch artists that you really love. In this case we got to see Waka and he DID NOT disappoint. Now we got there at around 5:30 to wait in line and didnt enter till around 6:45. We then had to wait for Jimmy to go through all his guests before the musical guest ( slightly boring since there were no tv screens for us to watch the show while we waited)

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket He performed about 5 songs and went far beyond other artists by actually interacting with the crowd by joining his fans in the pit. All songs were performed with high energy and he even gave autographs/took pictures with fans during and after the show. All in all i give Waka an A+, besides me almost getting swallowed whole by the mosh pit, i had a great time.I highly recommend you catch an outdoor concert before the summer ends.

Watch Waka from mine and Mildreds point of view…..

…..and in tv land

Under 50$: Favorite Dresses

1. H&M Polka Dot Dress 13$
This white polka dress is so simple and beautiful. A great item to dress up or down!
2. Forever 21 Cross Back Fit & Flare Dress 25$
One of my favorite silhouettes in a dress.
3. Foreign Exchange Teal Zig Zag Print Dress 37$
I am loving this zig zag pattern on top of the dress and the flow of the skirt!
4. Forever 21 White Eyelet Dress 23$
Everyone needs a Little White Dress (aka a LWD) in their wardrobe. This super cute eyelet one is a great option
5. Foreign Exchange Coral Tank Dress with Contrast Print 39$
Don’t know where to start color blocking? Try this dress!
6. Charlotte Russe Teal Peplum and Lace Dress 30$
A super cute take on the peplum trend.
7. H&M Fit & Flare Sun Dress 39$
I absolutely love this dress! Its a perfect sun dress for any daytime event.
8. Charlotte Russe Geo Print Dress 30$
I love the bold neon pattern on the bottom of this dress! I also enjoy that the pattern is broken up by a solid on top so as not to overwhelm.



What do you think of my dress picks? Would you consider picking up one (or a couple!)? Leave a comment below with your opinion and any links to dress you are loving under 50$ right now! xo, Rita

Schoolboy Q baby…

West coast fans where you at? Schoolboy Q, another one of my favorite rappers out right now. His single “hands on the wheel” off his mix tape “Habbits & Contradictions” featuring the one and only ASAP ROCKY is now making its way to the radio. This west coast rapper has already done collaborations with some of the top artist out their right now. He has worked with ASAP, Kendrick, AB Soul, Jay Rock and Tyga! His recent independent album hit #100 in the US Billboards top 200 last year 2011 while his present album hit #111 this year in the same category. If you havent heard him yet IM SHOCKED! So what are you waiting for? Check him out and keep a look out..